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Subject: Experimenting with Kid Brother 2You must be of legal age to read this story. This toplist nude lolita links
is all in fun and I am
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enjoy I asked Jimmy if He felt like a beer while we reloaded our balls
with cum for round two? He laughed and we got out of the bed. I was
stepping into my briefs when Jimmy said "Wait Kevin leave them off let's
stay naked I like looking at your hot body and seeing that cock that just
fucked me so good. We kissed again and he held my bare dick saying He
couldn't believe he was able to take it all inside him.
We sat naked on the sofa side by side. We talked about the thing
that just happened. Jimmy was reliving it as through it was the most
spectacular thing in the world? For Us it had been. Our feet were
touching as we sat there and I loved the feeling of being able to touch
my Brother like this. We talked about my being gay when I knew I was and
who with. I recounted my first time for him telling Him "I was like 14
years old and in the basement of Ed Whaler's house alone with him. We had
jerked off together a few times and I like seeing his bare cock so much I
would go over whenever the coast was clear for U. Well we got into
tasting each others cocks this one day we were on the floor our pants
down and 69ing on each other. I knew that first taste I would always love
cock. We were so into it we never herd His Dad come in the room. then his
dad screamed out "What the Fuck are you two queers doing? we jumped up
and were pulling up our clothes in total shock. His dad had other ideas
for Us. He made Us come with him to his bed room. I remember thinking He
was going to spank U or something. Then once preteen pay sites loli
there He closed the door
behind Us and said "I am going to show You what being a queer is all
about and you two are going to love it" he young lolita gay sex told Us to get naked all naked
and we were crying and doing it letting our clothes fall on the floor.
Then the Dad kicked off his shoes prelolita free 10 yo
and stripped off his shirt. his pants
and underwear came down in one move. As he as taking them off I was
staring at his big adult monster manhood. So thick and long and his balls
so big. I knew now He was going to fuck the two of Us. I not only
resigned myself to what was going to happen I was looking forward to his
putting that monster bare cock inside me. Dad got some KY from the drawer
and had the two of Us put it on toplist nude lolita links
his thick cock. Then He had me lay on the
bed on my back and he came on top of me. He didn't take his time he put
his prick on my hole and bam he fucked the whole 6 inches of thick grown
man meat up inside me and i screamed in pain as he was fucking hard into
my pounding his fat man dick deep inside me then the pain just went and I
had my hands on his bare back loving his big hard dick inside me. and He
was kissing my ear telling me he liked fucking my hot tight ass my asian lolitas net
then he
gave me a load of his man cum blasting it way up inside me I was dripping
his cum for days. Then My best Friend mounted my hole and fucked his
smaller bare dick into me pushing it against the cum his Dad had left
there and I pulled him tome loving his cock fucking my male pussy. His
dad was ready and he fucked his own son and then I got on him and I
fucked his new male pussy. After the father Called Dad and asked if I
could sleep over. I did and man we fucked and sucked the night away His
Dad had both of us fuck him that night. After that until they moved three
years later we would get together for a fuck orgy." Jimmy's cock was rock hard now from the story all wonderful 7 inches
were standing up. I leaned down on the sofa and took his cock into my
mouth and sucked on that hard thick tube of his. Tasting Jimmy's cum
which soon would be fucked into me. jimmy wanted to suck his first cock
and we were on the floor naked sucking each other He doing what I did and
giving great head for his first cock sucking.
I got him in the bed room and he had me on my back mounting me and all
greased up My handsome blonde Brother now was fucking his cock into my
hole spreading my sphincter wide to take that thick bare cock of his and
the boy knew how to fuck and how to talk while he fucked his prick into
my. He loved my tight ass around his hard bare cock and I would squeeze
my hole tight around his steel hard prick as he was fucking into me.
Looking up seeing that handsome blonde stud his hard body locked
with mine joined to each other him fucking his prick into me loving the
feel of my hole around his thick cock as it fucked in and out of me. His
moans His look of total pleasure from fucking me. Feeling his powerful
arms as he fucked me again again and again pounding into me the screaming
as his blast of cum fired hard deep shooting far up inside my bowls. He
pulled out fast then was beating my meat and When I started to cum Jimmy
put his mouth on my cock and was drinking in my cum load. My Brother
loved cock now.
The next day I had to suit up for work. I told Jimmy I would ask my
Boss about taking him on for the summer in the office. I left driving the
few miles to the office. At lunch I called home talked to Jimmy and was
able to tell him he was hired and would start the next day. We would need
to buy Him a few suits. So He was going to take the bus and meet me after
work to go shopping. We meet out side the office> He looked sohot his
blonde hair blowing in the wind his face with a glow and that handsome
smile. we left the car as we hit the shops nearby. I used my card and we
got Jimmy four good suits shirts ties dress socks and shoes. We had a
nice dinner at my favorite place to celebrate his new job.
We had not mentioned our new sex relationship the whole time. Then
in the car Jimmy reached over and was feeling my cock as I drove telling
me he had not beat off all day saving his load for me. he said I was
driving him nuts looking so hot in my suit and he wanted me to fuck him
with the black dress socks I was wearing. In the apartment we practically
raped each other. Jimmy had my keep my sweaty socks on while I doggie
fucked a load of cum into him then we got into the shower and my stud
Brother fucked my ass raw in the shower. He really slammed a hot load of
his teen cum into me.
All the next day in the office the girls were trying to find out
about the handsome new blonde guy. He was striking in his blue suit with
matching shirt and tie and his toplist nude lolita links new shoes and dress socks. I had a hard
time not raping this stud and loved knowing we would be home soon and I
would be filling him with more cum in his mouth and his hot male pussy.
At lunch alone together Jimmy said 'know what Kevin? I said "what Jimmy"
He said 'Remember the underwear you threw in the dirty clothes this
morning? I said 'Yea sure the ones boys underage preteen lolita I used to clean the cum off of us why?
Jimmy smiled saying " well i took them out of the dirty clothes and Ihave
them on right now cum stains and all. Man I love walking around with your
cum in my breifs all day" I laughed my head off. Isaid " Hey tomorrow i
want to wear the socks you have on now but only with a load of your cum
in them" His turn to laugh. I was hopelessly in love with my own Brother.
The night Dad was to come back we talked. We both didn't want to
part again. we had to think up a reason for Jimmy to move in with me for
good. The very thought of being apart made me sick I needed his loving
his body his sprite his cock. he felt the same way. We decided to just
come out to Dad admit we were queer for each other and stay together. Dad
was supposed to come to my place for dinner then take Jimmy back home. we
would break it to him after dinner over drinks.
Jimmy sat a the table after i had served the beers and cleared the
table. he said 'Dad Kevin and I have decided to live together from now
on"Dad ' Really why would you want to do that? There is only one bed room
here for the two of You?I said ' We only need the one bed Dad we have very little horny lolitas been sleeping together for
two weeks now and We want toalways sleep together from now on"Dad was silent a moment looking from one to the other. He said 'Am I
reading this right? You two want to share a bed? Are Yo trying to tell me
you two are having some kind of sex together then?Jimmy said 'yes that is it Dad we have found that We are both gay and
have been having sex and want to live like that as lovers and be open
about it. Your the most important person in our lives and it's important
to have Your blessing Dad"I held Dad's hand saying " We are truly in love Dad and We need each
other. We don't care what the world says Our love is real and here"He smiled and said " Well then I think You two have my blessing little lolitas underage cp and more
my support. I only wish I had known You were both gay and not against
incest. hell i would hve been in both your jockey shorts if I had only
known"Jimmy " What? Hey Dad are you saying if you knew you would have done a
little incest with us?Dad " Hell yea took all the strenth I had to keep my hands off you two
handsome studs all these years"I leaned back in my chair laughing then said ' This is unreal all three
men in the family gay. Gay and open to incest fucking hot"Jimmy said ' Kevin would you be against sharring our Love with Dad?I looked at Dad so handsome a man well build his hint of gray making his
look mature handsome. His tight hard body like a 20 year old I said.
"Oh God Jimmy that would be so fucking hot man the three of us doing
incest all night. Hell yes I'd be real OK with that. That is if you are
Dad?Dad reached over and was messing Jimmy's hair playfully he said. Guys
lead me to the bed. In the bed room We two boys now undressed our Father while he stood
there. His hard tight body his skin so nice to my touch. then his cock
was bare and there I knelt down and held Dad's big mushroom head smelling
his cock then taking his prick head into my mouth. Jimmy was behind Dad
actually eating his hole out like I had taught him. Dad moaned as his 8
inch cock fucked into my mouth. I was lapping up his cum and loving his
wide dick in my mouth at last and his hairy big balls in my hand. Jimmy
was bending Dad over and I scooted up under Dad's spread legs as jimmy
was just fucking his 7 inch bare cock into our Dad's ass. Dad pushing
back on his youngest Son's bare invading cock moaning that he loved
jimmy's hot dick fucking into him I now sucked on Dad's manhood while
Jimmy was stroking his big bare cock in long slow strides in out in out
of dad's ass hole.
Dad got us on the bed to try something He had His two Son's on the
bed ass hole to ass hole then He came down actually taking the two of our
cocks up into his pussy fucking both of us at he same time. My cock
inside Dad hitting and fucking against each other. Oh God it was so hot
our two big dick fucking him at once and then we both creamed our load
which were spilling from Dad's hot pussy hole. Dad then licked us both
clean and I was licking up his own cum load.
A round of beers and then Dad had me on all fours and was fucking his
big 8 inch uncut dick into my hole. He creamed my hole fill with his
Daddy cum. Later I had Jimmy and Dad fuck into me like Dad had being able
to take both the men I loved cock's inside me and having them both cream
a load of cum inside my man cunt at the same time so much cum they shot
up inside my hole. My hole had three or four loads of man juice in it and
was dripping cum all night long and into the morning.If You liked the story or have ideas let me know by writing
State Your age for legal reason
Drop by the Agora some Friday for a chat
Kevin Kelly
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